Our Story

It all started when my kindergarten teacher wrote "She has an artistic talent" on my report, by then I knew I was gifted. I spent my childhood exploring every texture, imagining every shape and creating with every material I got my hands on. As I grew older, my passion for arts and crafts only intensified. It became my way of expressing myself, of showing the world who I was. But it wasn't until I realized the power of crafts in transforming a space that I truly found my calling. There's something special about walking into a room and feeling instantly welcomed, instantly at home. And I knew that I could create that feeling for others.
That's why I founded Earth'n Spaces. It's more than just a brand – it's a way of birthing life into a space, adding a soul to it with items calling our your character and reflects who you are.

Each item around you is made of raw material, a matter gifted from our earth and that's why we call it EARTH'N SPACES.
Join me while I unearth, to earth one space at a time!